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The aches and pains associated with pregnancy are well known to women around the world. The headaches, neck and back pain along with sciatica makes the experience of being pregnant an unpleasant one to say the least.

Compounding the situation is the fact that taking medications to relieve the pain might expose their babies to harmful side effects. So, in order to find some relief women often find themselves laying in bed not knowing about a powerful alternative treatment that does not involve the use of drugs or medications and can relieve the pain. 

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic services have been used for many decades to help people find relief for the pain that they are experiencing. While most people associate chiropractic care with neck and back pain due to an accident or injury to the spine, the truth is that chiropractic care offers relief to all types of people, including those who are pregnant. Most women do not realize that chiropractic methods of pain relief are safe and effective treatments for all types of pain associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy puts the body under a type of stress that it has not had to deal with before. The added weight and location of the baby bring pressure to the back and hips. Many women often experience headaches and neck pain as well while being pregnant. Today, there are proven chiropractic methods that have been used on thousands of pregnant women to provide safe, comfortable relief from their aches and pains.

For example, pain in the lower back is a common occurrence during pregnancy with up to 69% of women who have become pregnant. However, many women do not report these pains to their doctors in part perhaps because they are fearful of using any type of drugs or medications that could potentially harm their baby. 

Chiropractic care in the form of gentle spinal adjustments directly address the issues that were causing the pain have proven to be very effective for many women who undergo the treatment. Furthermore, the benefits of chiropractic care have gone beyond the simple relief of pain. Studies have shown that women who have undergone effective chiropractic treatment are more likely to carry and deliver their babies with more comfort, reduce the amount of pain medication used during delivery and one study even showed that labor times decreased by an average of 24 to 39%

How We Can Help

We are Frye Chiropractic located in Antelope Valley near the towns of Lancaster, Palmdale and Quartz Hill. We offer our services to women who are currently suffering from pregnancy pain. From headaches, back aches, neck pain and sciatica, we have provided many women the relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy while using safe, proven methods that keep your baby safe and provide you with the comfort you need.

Call for an appointment and let us help you get through your pregnancy back pain, headaches, neck pain and more thanks to our safe, proven services.

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