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As something that comes naturally to women, pregnancy is often seen as a milestone in our lives that we sail through without bearing too many physical side effects. While this would be nice, it certainly isn’t true. Among other physical ailments, sciatica, back pain, SPD, and increased back curve can make carrying a pregnancy to term incredibly uncomfortable. In most cases, medical interventions and drugs are not appropriate until after the birth. Not surprisingly, giving birth is in itself an antidote.

On the other hand, we do have the option of visiting a chiropractor. That term in itself is a little loaded, causing great divides among pregnant women seeking medical care. If we were to go back a few decades and suggest using a chiropractor, we’d most likely shock anybody who listened. This is because, in the olden days, there was once a belief that chiropractic practice could cause harm to pregnant women. This belief arose from the idea that women were too delicate to be handled physically during their pregnancy and that chiropractors did not have a scientific basis for their claims.

Chiropractor Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractors During Pregnancy: Support From The Medical Community

Today, the American Pregnancy Association supports the use of chiropractors during pregnancy. On their website, they clearly state that visiting a chiropractor can resolve medical problems, such as:

  • A protruding abdomen
  • Increased back curve
  • Pelvic changes
  • Changes to posture

In addition to this, the American Pregnancy Association even highlights the importance of addressing the above problems with chiropractic care. For example, a misaligned pelvis can reduce the amount of room a fetus has to grow. An increased back curve or misaligned spine may also impact the ability of the nervous system to communicate. Maintaining this communication is important all the time, but it becomes essential during pregnancy when the body’s biological processes are constantly changing.

There are also benefits that can extend from the early stages of pregnancy to beyond. This can begin with reducing incidences of morning sickness, through to helping a woman achieve a natural birth.

Personal Experiences With Chiropractic Care In Pregnancy

As any woman who is pregnant will already know, life doesn’t stop just because your body is giving you a hard time. One of the most debilitating aspects of pregnancy is nausea, which can become extreme during the first trimester. This can have a negative impact on work, relationships, or even the ability to enjoy life. No matter how much we are told as women that morning sickness is something we can ‘just get through’, there is no denying that the process is distressing all the same. Being unable to enjoy the food you love and having to dodge certain smells is no easy feat! There is some evidence to suggest that subluxations in the atlas area of your spine can lead to pressure on the brain stem, which in turn interferes with your body’s hormone distribution. Spinal adjustments can address this, reducing morning sickness.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

One particularly distressing element of pregnancy that is on the rise is SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

Women who suffer from SPD often experience sharp pains around their pubic bone as they walk.

This arises as a result of the muscles separating following prostaglandin exposure, and can make life incredibly challenging!

For example, many cannot lift their other children, enjoy a long stroll with their partner, or even engage in some relaxing yoga.

All of these simple joys don’t have to diminish with pregnancy, as seeing a chiropractor can re-posture the body and reduce pain as a result.

Establishing A Relationship With A Chiropractor

Naturally, pregnancy is a sensitive time when you will want to make sure everything you do for your baby and body is right. At Frye Chiropractic, care is available to those living in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Antelope Valley. If you have concerns, discussing them with a trained professional is the best way to alleviate them and determine if chiropractic care is right for you. Learning more about the process is also a healthy way to identify other areas of your pregnancy that may be causing you stress, as well as ways to ensure you stand a strong chance of achieving the birth you want. Many women find chiropractic care to be an empowering experience, as it enables them to control their pregnancy using their body, and minimize interventions at the time of the birth.

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