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Auto Accident Treatment In Lancaster, CA

Injured in an accident?

Over the years, Dr. Frye in Lancaster CA has helped many patients recover from whiplash. Some patients though, were slow to recover. Some never fully recovered from the accident. In the quest to find out why, Frye Chiropractic installed a Motion X-Ray system in their Lancaster clinic. This technology allows us to reveal hidden injuries that may have been missed with plain x-rays or MRI.

A frequently hidden injury in car accidents is ligament damage. In a car accident, the ligaments in your neck can easily be stretched beyond their limits, causing headaches, neck pain, and other problems. Identifying and understanding the ligament damage is important if you have been in a car accident.

This technology enables us to see your spine in motion, resulting in a more accurate diagnosis of your back and neck problem. For many patients it answers the question of why my neck hurts or why the pain won’t go away. More importantly it gives us the ability to form an accurate diagnosis, which in turn enables us to formulate an effective treatment plan.

If you have been involved in a car accident, time is of the essence.

Many of our patients see us a within a day or two of the accident, some come immediately after the accident instead of going to the emergency room. The sooner we are able to evaluate your injuries, the better likelihood of minimizing long term pain.

If you are suffering from pain that was caused by an accident a few months or years ago, we may be able to help you stop the pain. In fact many of our headache patients come in a year or two after the car accident, complaining of headaches that were never successfully treated.

A special message to patients that have been in an accident but are treating with another doctor:

Since we are one of the few clinics in California with Motion X-Ray, we share our technology with other chiropractors, spine surgeons and medical doctors. We are happy to perform the motion X-ray study and send the video as well as the radiology report to your doctor.

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Lastly a word about insurance, lawyers and settling claims. In our country Insurance companies get involved in the treatment of almost every whiplash. Frequently they see records that show no major damage and only reflect ‘soft tissue injury’. All too often though, the patient is really injured, but there is no proof to explain the pain. Motion X-Ray frequently provides admissible evidence that explains the pain. This allows the Insurance company to pay for the care with all good conscience, knowing that the claim is real. From a Med-Legal perspective, ligament injuries can reflect permanent impairments ranging from 7% to 27% according to the American Medical Association Guide to Permanent Impairment. This impairment rating allows the insurance company adjuster as well as the patient (or patient’s attorney) to fully understand the value of their injury.

A common automotive accident related injury is Whiplash

Auto Accident Pain Relief Testimonial

"I was in a motorcycle accident. I injured my right hand, bruised my shoulder and had major back pain. My hand was so bad; I couldn’t even turn the ignition of my car. One day a friend suggests Antelope Valley Spinal Care. Now I’m back the way I was before the accident. I can tie my shoes as usual, and even turn the ignition in my car. I was always afraid to try chiropractic. I had heard horror stories about chiropractic, but I had to try it since everything else failed.

Now I recommend chiropractic to all my family and friends."
David Bachand


Forty-three per cent of patients will suffer long-term symptoms following “whiplash” injury! Chiropractic care in the Lancaster and Palmdale California area can help you...

Auto Accident Testimonials

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We bill health insurance, union, attorney liens and accident settlements. We have affordable care for those without insurance. While chiropractic care has been known to help many patients with a variety of conditions, we do not claim to cure any condition.
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