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Non-opioid treatment of disc related spinal pain:

Our Spinal Pain Management series presents cutting-edge approaches to treating spinal pain without opioids. This course, actionable for primary care and urgent care providers, offers a comprehensive overview of non-pharmacological interventions for spinal pain. We explore a variety of evidence-based effective strategies for managing spinal pain, including innovative techniques and interdisciplinary approaches. Join us to learn how to effectively treat spinal pain while minimizing the risks associated with opioid use.

Primary care provider’s guide to treating whiplash injuries:

Our Car Accident Evaluation course provides a comprehensive set of tools for assessing patients involved in car accidents. This guide helps healthcare professionals evaluate and determine appropriate treatment for patients who do not require emergency room care. Learn about effective treatments to eliminate long-term, residual pain, as well as alternatives to pharmacological options. Additionally, gain insights into managing emerging pain syndromes, including early proactive management of acute and sub-chronic pain.

Home treatment options for low back pain:

Our Home Treatments for Low Back Pain training gives providers a set of tools to assist patients with managing their low back pain using simple and generally effective exercises, stretches, and strategies in the management of minor low back pain. This course is designed to walk primary care providers through a differential diagnosis tree and, if appropriate, provide patients with a series of at-home treatment options to help alleviate pain and increase function.

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We bill health insurance, union, attorney liens and accident settlements. We have affordable care for those without insurance. While chiropractic care has been known to help many patients with a variety of conditions, we do not claim to cure any condition.
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