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DRX9000 Technology For Back Pain

The Non-Surgical Disc Treatment Center at Frye Chiropractic is the only facility in Southern California offering the DRX 9000 Internal Disc Decompression.

Internal Disc Compression (IDD) is a non surgical treatment for back pain.

IDD treatment utilizes the newest technology in the non-surgical approach to treating herniated and degenerative disc injuries, as well as conditions caused by a surgical failure, and strain/sprains, and the sciatica that is often associated with those conditions.

Internal Disc Decompression Therapy Can Help Treat:

IDD Therapy stands for Internal Disc Decompression Therapy. It’s a set of protocols, developed by a team of neurologists, chiropractors, orthopedics, and neurosurgeons to rehabilitate and heal damaged discs. These discs are pads that act as shock absorbers between vertebrae. Because of age or trauma, damage to these discs can occur. That damage can cause a portion of the intervertebral disc material to leak out—bulge out—or herniate—and this bulge can press against the spinal cord or other nerves.

This disc which could be compared to a marshmallow. You’ll have a middle portion that is like the gooey inside of a marshmallow and outer fibers making a flexible shell that holds the inside place.

What happens with these injuries is that the fibers that hold the jelly in place have cracked and allowed some of the jelly material to seep out from the center of the disc, out toward the external portion. While it’s doing this, it’s creating a bubble, or a protrusion, that’s actually putting pressure on one of your nerve roots.

This particular nerve that it’s irritating is also the nerve root where the sciatic nerve begins. That’s why you can often get this tingling, burning, numbness into your leg and foot, called Sciatica.

The principle of IDD Therapy is an old principle: Reduce the pressure on the disc and allow negative pressure to develop. The negative pressure will cause something of a vacuum. The vacuum will allow the jelly material to flow back, reduce the protrusion, and reduce the pain. More importantly, repeated IDD promotes the diffusion of water, oxygen, and other nutrients into the disc and this promotes healing. IDD is similar to traction, but traction is very different. Tractions fails in many cases because it causes muscular stretch receptors to fire, which then cause paraspinals muscles to contract.

The Non Surgical Disc Treatment Center at Frye Chiropractic has successfully treated many patients with herniated, degenerative and bulging discs, as well as some types of failed back surgeries. The only way we know if we can help you is to schedule an appointment.

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