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These are some testimonials from fellow doctors and patients of Frye Chiropractic in Lancaster, CA. Read about the numerous problems our clients have had, and are now relieved of! We say we have helped people that thought they could not be helped, and these ARE those people and their stories.

"Besides successfully treating my own back and neck pain, Dr. Frye has done a fabulous job in successfully treating thousands of our patients for back pain, neck pain, migraine and many other musculos keletal ailments over the past 13 years. Though chiropractic may not be for everyone, if you have not given it a try, you must seriously consider this mode of therapy…"
Dr. Ric Garrison, M.D.
Garrison Family Medical Group
"Dr. Suzanne Frye is an amazing chiropractor. She fully listens to her patients to find out their health goals and helps them achieve it! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get out of pain the natual way and to stay healthy for a lifetime."
Dr. Carolyn Griffin, D.C
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"Dr. Frye and the staff at Frye Chiropractic are second to none. Starting from Dr Frye right down to the receptionists who answer the phone, you will be impressed with their PROFESSIONALISM. Once you see the modern facilities, coupled with their compassionate and superior treatment approach, you need to look no further, you have found the BEST the Antelope Valley has to offer."
Dr. Ed Harkins, D.C.
Dr. Ed Harkins - Chiropractor

Testimonials From Our Patients

Below are some testimonials from patients who came to us for help.

Living Without The Pills

Our family just recently started seeing Dr. Frye Chiropractic. My dad has been on a lot of pills for a very long time. With no end in sight, he decided to try AV Spinal. So far, it has just been a few months, but he has already significantly lowered the amount of pills he is taking. Everyone is very nice in the office and it is always very clean. My mom started seeing Dr. Rich a couple of weeks ago. She has been suffering with what she thought was Carpel Tunnel in her wrist for years; she is often up all night and in agonizing pain. After going to get her first adjustment, she has noticed a significant difference in the pain.

Every one we talk to has only really amazing things to say about Dr. Frye and her staff. Definitely recommend!
Jackie S.

Finally A Flexible, Friendly Chiropractic Solution

I have been in and out of chiropractic care for the last 10 years. The problem with me is that as soon as I feel better I stop going. So far this is the best chiropractor I've been to in my whole entire life. I've gone to chiropractors from Glendale to all the way up here in the AV.

The biggest problem most of us have that work for a living is scheduling and working around our appointments. I like the ability of showing up anytime they are open to get my adjustments. It gives me that flexibility and added knowledge that I can go there and get things done in a timely manner.

The doctors are great and the staff is friendly. They make that extra effort to chat with you and make you feel at home. They will even work with you on an affordable payment plan if your insurance doesn't cover it. So if you ever feel the need to get fixed up right. This is the place...
Don G.

An Overall Great Experience, I'll Be Back!

I recently visited this office and it is by far one of the nicest, cleanest and happiest doctors offices I've seen in my entire life! They also have alot of cool machines and xray stuff. They can even do video xrays that move. I've never seen this at any doctors office.

I plan on visiting a lot more and also going to a few of the free classes on healthy living and reducing pain!

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