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We have specialized training designed to ease the causes and pain associated with headaches.

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Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Chronic Back Pain.

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Auto Accident?

Injured in an accident? We've helped many patients recover from whiplash injuries.

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We have specialized treatment plans that have helped many patients with neckpain.

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Chiropractic Care

Our award winning team of doctors helps patients from all over Lancaster and Palmdale as well as the surrounding areas. Advanced training and technology for patients with headaches, neck pain, back pain and whiplash. Specialized protocols for patients that have herniated discs and degenerative disc disease. We have extensive skills in treating whiplash and auto accident injuries. In network for most insurance.

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Results Oriented Chiropractic Care

At Frye Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic and wellness care to our patients.

Our chiropractors provide chiropractic care for many types of conditions such as:

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Experience makes all the difference. We continuously educate ourselves.

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State of the art treatment for difficult to treat conditions.

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The secret to caring for the patient, is caring for the patient.

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Auto Accidents

A car accident can cause headaches, neck pain, and other problems.

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Our protocol for headaches begins with a full examination and history to determine why you have the headache.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by too much time spent at the laptop as well as related to a car accident or fall.

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Back Pain

Most of our patients have tried most treatments... But they are still in pain.

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More Conditions

Treatment options are available to help relieve a wide variety of different conditions.

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Case Studies

Read about the conditions our patients have come to us for and the solutions we used to provide them with relief.

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What Our Patients & Other Doctors Say

Besides successfully treating my own back and neck pain, Dr. Frye has done a fabulous job in successfully treating thousands of our patients for back pain, neck pain, migraine and many other musculos keletal ailments over the past 13 years. Though chiropractic may not be for everyone, if you have not given it a try, you must seriously consider this mode of therapy. *

Dr. Ric Garrison, M.D.

Garrison Family Medical Group
Dr. Ric Garrison, M.D.

I am a nurse and massage therapist. I was having pain and tingling down my arms. I thought I was going to have to give up my massage therapy business... I remembered a client of mine telling me that she was relieved of all her pain by Dr Frye I decided to go for it. I am now symptom free for many weeks. Best of all I can still work in my chosen profession. *

Deborah A.

Deborah A.

I had severe low back pain that wen down my legs and around my waist. I had muscle weakness and could hardly carry my baby. I couldn’t keep up the house or carry my young baby upstairs or chase my 2 1/2 years old off the playground to come home. I saw the sign out front and walked in to ask questions. My pain was eliminated; I can do chores again and I can even drag my 2½ year old upstairs! *

Mary J.

Marry J.
Mary J.

I have referred many patients to Frye Chiropractic (formerly AV Spinal Care) and Dr. Frye for treatment. I am pleased to report that the feedback I receive from those patients is always positive with regards to the skills and genuine concern demonstrated by the doctors and staff. *

Dr. Bruce Shannahoff, D.C.

Valley Spinal Decompression Center
Dr. Bruce Shannahoff, D.C.

I had suffered from lower back pain since being a teenager. With age (mid 50’s) the pain became unbearable... The results are incredible. I am virtually pain free. I can even run with no pain. *

Bill F.

Leona Valley
Bill F.

Dr. Suzanne Frye is an amazing chiropractor. She fully listens to her patients to find out their health goals and helps them achieve it! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get out of pain the natual way and to stay healthy for a lifetime. *

Dr. Carolyn Griffin

Back to Health Chiropractic Center
Dr. Carolyn Griffin

I have two herniated discs at L4/5 that caused extreme pain and limited my movements. It interfered with my work, sleep, and daily routine and was getting worse. Pain gone after first treatment! The immediacy with which I was diagnosed and the subsequent treatment was FANTASTIC and right on target. The entire staff is great! *

Phil U.

Phil U.

Dr. Frye and the staff at Frye Chiropractic are second to none. Starting from Dr Frye right down to the receptionists who answer the phone, you will be impressed with their PROFESSIONALISM. Once you see the modern facilities, coupled with their compassionate and superior treatment approach, you need to look no further, you have found the BEST the Antelope Valley has to offer. *

Dr. Ed Harkins, D.C.

Dr. Ed Harkins - Chiropractor
Dr. Ed Harkins, D.C.

I woke up on a Tuesday morning and could not get out of bed because my back hurt so much. The pain was so bad I could not get to the doctor for three days. I went to another chiropractor that did absolutely nothing for me. My doctor, Dr. Garrison, suggested Dr. Frye’s office because of the DRX Program. I now have no Sciatic Pain, no more Low Back Pain and can return to work, all without surgery. *

Brice C.

Little Rock
Brice C.

I was thrown from my horse as a teenager and hurt my lower back. I had pain in my lower back and down the back of my legs. I suffered through two pregnancies. I couldn't sleep sometimes and depended on pain killers. I missed a few days of work because I couldn't walk around, sit or do anything to make the pain go away. A friend suggested I see Dr. Frye. I had no pain after the first week of treatment and to this day I am completely pain free. Thanks for putting up with my kids! *

Gina R.

Gina R.

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We Are In Network for Most Insurance PPO & HMO Plans

Affordable options are available for those with no insurance! We work with automobile accident insurance and attorneys.

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We bill health insurance, union, attorney liens and accident settlements. We have affordable care for those without insurance. While chiropractic care has been known to help many patients with a variety of conditions, we do not claim to cure any condition.
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