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Neck Pain Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from patients who came to us for neck pain treatment.

Chiropractic Helps Body Surfer

"I had chronic neck pain due to a body surfing accident. For years I couldn’t look over my left shoulder without sharp pain. I had heard about Dr. frye on the radio, so I came in to see if they could help me. After a few treatments, I got my whole range of motion back, without pain… I can’t believe it, but its true!

Armando Lozano

Neck Pain Causes Irritability

"I had terrible pains in my neck, shoulder and arm. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night and was irritable all day long. I tried every pain medicine and hot/cold packs, but nothing helped. I heard about Dr. Frye’s office on the radio, and it was close to work.

Within a short time I could move again without pain and better yet I could sleep at night."
Karen Mello

Professional Truck Driver Can’t Look Over His Shoulder

"I’m a professional driver. Because of neck pain, I found it difficult to turn my head and look in the side view mirrors. I was also having headaches and was having a hard time sleeping. I tried massage, pain medications and muscle relaxers, but they did not fix the problem. One day I brought my son into Dr. Frye’s office for treatment of a sports related injury. I decided to see if they could help me, and came in the next day.

Chiropractic care really helped! After a few visits I was sleeping undisturbed, my headaches were gone, and I could turn my head like Linda Blair!"
John Connors

Motorcycle Racer Loves His Chiropractor

"I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain as the result of many years of motorcycle racing and many accidents. I also had headaches. The pain was so bad that I had to quit riding my motorcycle and was unable to get a good nights sleep. It was affecting my performance at work and impacting my home life.

Over the years I had seen many medical doctors and specialists. I was always given medications, which only seemed to cover up the pain, because as soon as I stopped taking the medications, the pain would come back. I read about AV Spinal Care in the newspaper (Antelope Valley Press) and decided to give chiropractic a try. After only 2 weeks of care, my neck and back pain were gone. Sleeping is now a wonderful experience, and I wake up ready to face the day.

Even my headaches have gone away."
Alan Jay

I Didn’t Even Want To Work

"For the past year I suffered from neck and shoulder pain. At times it was so painful I didn’t even want to go to work.

I tried Tylenol, Motrin and muscle relaxers, nothing help. A friend at work gave me your name.

I no longer have pain or stiffness in my neck and can sleep. Thanks to all of you at AVSC Your Great!!"
Janelle Dahlin

I Was Treated Like Family

"I was in an auto accident May of 2004. The pain in my neck affected my daily life. I had difficulty driving and turning my neck. After 6 months of treatment at AV Hospital I had not gotten better. Dr. Lawrence and my attorney recommended you. I not only can use my neck again, but I sleep better than I have for the last year and a half.

You are treated just like family and they always look out for the patient’s best."
Penny Weston

Other Chiropractors Had Tried

"The pain was so bad I couldn’t stand in one place for even a minute. Pain, fatigue and indigestion was a daily nightmare.

Other Chiropractors had tried to give me relief, none even compare to Dr. Frye or her staff. A friend in construction recommended Dr. Frye’s office.

After 25 years of pain from my left buttocks to almost the knee, GONE, indigestion GONE!

I feel 10 years younger with my new mobility and it shows at work and play, and she made it affordable"
G.R. Swain

Seen The Same Day

"I couldn’t even pick up my 3 year old son. After carrying a heavy piece of luggage, I started experiencing severe neck and upper back pain which radiated into my shoulder down to my elbow. I was unable to work out and trouble sleeping.

I heard about AVSC on a radio advertisement, I called and was seen the same day. Within 4 days I was 80-85 percent better and now a month later I am pain free and resume my normal life."

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