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Headaches Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from our patients who came to us for treatment of their headache pain.

Insurance Company Recommends Dr. Frye For Headaches

"I was in a bad car accident and as a result, I had horrible headaches. Sometimes I couldn’t function at all. I would have to lay down and sleep. I tried tylenol and motrin but nothing was helping. My insurance company, Tricare, recommended that I go to Antelope Valley Spinal Care. Thanks to the staff of chiropractors and therapists, I have no more headaches. MY HEADACHES ARE GONE!

AV Spinal Care is a wonderful clinic and what truly makes it wonderful are the caring people who work there. Thanks AV Spinal Care."
Kimberly Poyner

Week Long Headache

"I had a headache that wouldn’t go away for a week. My Back was killing me. I couldn’t stand in line at the grocery store or be up right. The last two days of that week I was in bed. I went to my primary doctor and he gave me pills, took an MRI and x-ray. The pills didn’t work. I had gone to see Dr. Frye in the past and thought I try again, I was desperate. After my first adjustment I could stand, sleep and function. My headache was gone! After 2 weeks my back pain was non-existant! Thank you Dr. Frye and the staff at AV Spinal Care!"

Nursing A Headache

"I have suffered from Headaches for the past 25 years. They have been progressively getting worse. The headaches began to affect my ability to work as a R.N. at the hospital. I thought I would never live a day without headaches. After trying a variety of drugs and medications without success, my husband encouraged me to see Dr. Frye. The care and treatment I received from Dr. Frye and her staff has given me the pleasure of going through a day without headaches!"
Cathleen McGovern R.N.

Motrin Didn’t Help

"I was injured in a car accident, and suffered from headaches, neck and back pain. For over 6 months I suffered, as my doctor prescribed Motrin, which only masked the pain. My Mother-In-Law suggested I see Dr. Frye. After just a week of treatment, I was Headache Free!"

Chiropractic Helped What Specialists Couldn’t!

"For as long as I can remember I have suffered from truly unbearable headaches, but these weren’t just headaches.My ears rang constantly and my neck muscles were tight. The pain and the ringing made it difficult to even hear, light intensified the pain and almost any activity was unbearable. Nothing seemed to help; I saw 5-6 different specialists, and even tried herbal remedies and acupuncture. I never thought about seeing a Chiropractor. My wife brought home some information and I called and made an appointment. I now can do just about anything. The pain and ringing are truly gone. Thank you So Much."
Vincent Gusman

Headaches Are Gone!

"I have no more pain in my back or neck. My headaches are gone and I am able to drive, walk, sleep and go to my kids functions and play with them. I like this place, relaxing and very helpful staff."
Rita Tapia

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