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Cluster Headache Treatments In Lancaster, CA

Cluster headaches tend to occur abruptly, and usually one to four times per day over a the course of several days.

Oftentimes, cluster headaches are isolated to only one side of the head or behind the eyes.

Unlike migraine headaches, cluster headahces impact men more often than women.

Symptoms include:

332 patients received an average of 8.6 chiropractic adjustments. Results: 80% of patients had excellent (pain-free) and good (almost pain-free) outcomes with 10 reporting a 75% decrease in pain. Droz JM, Crot F. Swiss Annals Vlll, 1985; 127-36

Headaches Are Gone!

"I have no more pain in my back or neck. My headaches are gone and I am able to drive, walk, sleep and go to my kids functions and play with them. I like this place, relaxing and very helpful staff."
Rita Tapia

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