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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Lancaster CA

Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS, currently ranks as the number one debilitating neurological disease affecting more than 2.5 million individuals worldwide, including 400,000 in the United States alone.

Signs and symptoms develop differently for every person, however individuals with Multiple Sclerosis tend to have their first signs and symptoms between the ages of 20 and 40. Usually early symptoms will appear for a short period of time and then get better. For example, you may only have one single symptom that goes away for months or years without the presence of any other symptoms. While for another person, they may experience several symptoms that become worse within weeks or months.

Common MS Symptoms Include:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Thinking problems
  • Clumsiness or a lack of coordination
  • Loss of balance
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness in an arm or leg.

Because of it's unpredicable nature, Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult to to diagnose quickly. However, the good news is that you can manage and treat most symptoms of MS and you can feel rest assured knowing that your MS does not have to take control over your life. Upper cervical chiropractic treatments has been shown to be a beneficial treatment option for people with MS.

Our doctors at Frye Chiropractic may be able to help you manage your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms through our advanced upper cervical chiropractic care techniques. With our conveniently located office serving residents all across the Antelope Valley from Palmdale to Lancaster, we're optimally situated to help treat your MS symptoms.

The only way we will know if we can help you is to evaluate you. Call our office today at (661) 280-2388 to schedule your appointment and consultation.

Multiple Sclerosis Relief Testimonial

"I've been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for about 10 years now and I've been having pain in my back, I've had headaches every now and then it comes and goes, I have problems walking with numbness in my hands and feet due to exacerbation that I suffered in 2006. When I moved back to Palmdale in November, I was referred to Dr Frye by a family friend and I was somewhat skeptical about going but I went anyway because there's no pain in trying to find something that would help me out..."

- Brittney Dunn

Brittney's Full Testimonial:

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