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Headache Treatment in Lancaster, CA

Headache Treatment in Lancaster, CA

Headaches can be brutal. Not only for the sufferer but also for their family. Our protocol for headaches begins with a full examination and history to determine why you have the headache.

Once we understand the cause of your headaches we design a treatment program with two goals in mind: Over the years we have helped literally thousands of Antelope Valley residents with their headaches.

Though each patient is different, most had a few common factors:

  • They had had the headaches for a number of years.
  • They had been under the care of their family doctor.
  • Some had been to neurologists, had MRI’s and CT Scans
  • Some had been to other chiropractors
  • They had either been told to take medication or were taking medication.
  • Many were taking as many as three or four different pills (muscle relaxers, pain pills, anti-depressant, etc.).
  • Some even injected themselves with fiorinal.
  • They had been diagnosed with migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches or stress headaches.
  • The headaches were ruining the quality of their life and affecting their relationships.

We’ve helped many headache sufferers who thought they could not be helped. The only way to find out requires that you take the first step of calling our office to schedule a consultation.

How whiplash causes headaches

Many patients experience headaches 2 or 3 years after a car accident. We see these patients and after we look at their X-Rays we can tell they were in a car accident. These patients usually respond well to chiropractic care.

Types of Headaches

Headache Relief Testimonial

"I had a headache that wouldn’t go away for a week. My Back was killing me. I couldn’t stand in line at the grocery store or be up right. The last two days of that week I was in bed. I went to my primary doctor and he gave me pills, took an MRI and x-ray. The pills didn’t work. I had gone to see Dr. Frye in the past and thought I try again, I was desperate. After my first adjustment I could stand, sleep and function. My headache was gone! After 2 weeks my back pain was non-existant! Thank you Dr. Frye and the staff at AV Spinal Care!"

- B.Y.

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