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Pain stopping you from going to the gym?

We have many patients who come to us after their spouse receives treatment. They realize that their spouse has no more pain, and if the spouse should have pain, then why should they?

Sharon came to us after her husband was hurt at work. When she saw that his pain was gone, she decided that she should come to the office for her lower back and neck pain. This pain made it difficult for her to work out at the gym. After she started getting adjustments her pain was gone and she was excited to be back in the gym!

We help many people who have suffered from low back and neck pain. We will find what is causing it and correct it. 

If you have low back or neck pain, or know somebody who does, schedule a consultation so that in no time you can be back to living life with no pain!

"Hi my name is Sharon. A little while ago my husband got hurt at work. He went to Dr. Frye. He did so well there, and everyone was so nice. I decided 'well you know he’s doing okay now, it's time for me to go.' I’ve been working in an office my whole life and I had been having neck and lower back pain. This pain in my neck and lower back made it difficult to go work out at the gym. I decided it was my turn. I started going to Dr. Frye. I now have no pain in my back and no pain in my neck. Now I can now go to the gym and work out without any pain. I’m so happy and grateful to them.

This is Dr. Suzanne Frye, i’m so glad chiropractic was able to help this problem. Modern chiropractic care is safe and effective. This is Dr. Suzanne Frye, i’m gentle and I care. 

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