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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease/Radiculopathy Case Study

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease/Radiculopathy Case StudyCase History:
Patient has a long history of low back pain including recent surgery to the low back at L4-5. Pain radiates down left lower extremity to the left ankle with numbness in the left ankle. He had increased lumbar tightness with occasional spasms. He is unable to stand for more than 15 minutes; walking and sitting too long increases pain.

Prior Treatment:
Two prior surgeries at L4/5: One putting plate and screws in place and a second surgery to remove the plate and screws.


  • Post Laminectomy
  • Failure Lumbar
  • Spine Lumbar
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Left-Sided Lumbar
  • Radiculopathy

Short Term Outcome:

No pain in the lumbar spine.

Course of care:

8 Sessions Lumbar Axial Decompression with DRX 9000 and associated therapies.

Presenting Complaints:

6/10 low back pain that radiates into the left leg down to the left ankle with accompanying numbness in the left ankle.

“Four years ago I started having pain in my low back and was told I had arthritis. The pain was so bad I was not able to work without pain. I was not able to help around the house or work on my car. The doctor gave me Cortisone injections (epidurals) that didn’t help. Then doctors told me I had to have surgery. I had surgery on my lumbar spine with plate and screws. The pain continued and went back to the doctor and had x-rays and was told the screws were loose and they needed to be removed. I had another surgery to remove the plate and screws. After two months of therapy that was ordered for me, I did not feel any improvement. Now after doing six weeks of DRX treatment and Therapy I feel 85% better. Now I only have stiffness in the morning but then can go about my duties. Now I can wash my car and do maintenance on my car. My wife is happy because I can help her wash dishes and clean around the house.”

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