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Herniated Disk Pinching Sciatic Nerve

Many patients come into our office for relief from a herniated disk or a pinched nerve. People also come into our office for a second opinon on sugery for herniated disks. According to ChiroNexus, "90% of patients report substantial improvements withing three months of reveiving their first chiropractic adjustment."

Chiropractic care is a great second option for people who don't want to have surgery. 
Bill came to us as a second option for surgery on his herniated disk, a month later he was back in the desert racing for USDR. 

Here is Bill's Story:

“Hi my name Bill, 13 year professional bull rider and I met Suzanne Frye when she was a sports wrangler chiropractor. She used to put us cowboys back together get us riding again. . I’m racing dirt bikes across the desert for USDR now.

 I have herniated disc in my back doctors wanted to cut the herniated disc out because it was pinching my sciatic nerve. I went ahead and got a second opinion I went and seen Dr. Suzanne Frye she started looking at it adjusted me and just about not even a month I was back out in the desert again racing doing what I love.
If anybody ever tells you that you need to get cut on get a second opinion. Look into chiropractic it sure helped me over the last 20 years.”

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