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Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Lancaster, CA

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Lancaster, CA Overview

“My lower back hurts the pain seems to come and go. Is this serious?” At Frye Chiropractic we see and treat an enormous number of people in the Antelope Valley with Degenerative Disc Disease. One of the reasons there is so much degenerative disc disease in the Lancaster, Palmdale and the entire Antelope Valley area is due to lack of spinal joint motion.

Spinal joint motion is essential for the health and nutrition of the discs as joint motion causes the exchange of nutrients, fluids, and waste. Normal motion helps reduce pain, spasms, and function. When the spinal vertebra does not move normally, discs and joints tend to start a degenerative process. Motion also reduces the formation of scar tissue, which can lead to stiffness and degeneration. Degenerative disc disease can cause pain and functional problems in the neck, mid back and low back.

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms it could be indicative of Degenerative Disc Disease:

  • Pain that is worse when sitting. While seated, the discs of the lower back have three times more load on them than when standing.
  • Pain that gets worse when bending, lifting or twisting
  • Feeling better while walking or even running than while sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Feeling better changing positions often or lying down
  • Periods of severe pain that comes and goes
  • Pain can affect the low back, buttocks and thighs or the neck, depending on where the affected disc is, radiating to the arms and hands

“Not actually a disease, degenerative disc disease refers to a condition in which pain is caused from a damaged disc. A wide range of symptoms and severity is associated with this condition”. (Source:

Untreated Degenerative Disc Disease (gradual deterioration of the disc between the vertebrae) can lead to herniated discs and spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) and osteoarthritis. (Source: As a result, Degenerative Disc Disease needs to be treated!

Chiropractic offers a highly successful, preventative and non-invasive solution to the many issues connected with Degenerative Disc Disease. Regular chiropractic care takes pressure off sensitive neurological tissue, increases range of motion, restores blood flow, reduces muscle tension, and creates a series of chemical reactions in the body (such as endorphin release) that act as natural painkillers.

Frye Chiropractic has a special protocol with patients who suffer from Degerative Disc Disease. Our Non-Surgical Disc Treatment Center has helped hundreds of people not only from Lancaster and Palmdale, but from as far away as San Diego, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

Call Frye Chiropractic today at (661) 280-2388 to schedule an appointment for your spinal evaluation. We will give you a thorough examination and take X-Rays in the office. We then review your results and outline a treatment plan specifically designed for your needs.

Now I Can Function

"The low back pain coming from my degenerative disk and facet syndrome was so bad, I could barely function normally. I saw AV Spinal Center advertised in the Antelope Valley Press and came in.

Thank you AV Spinal Center, all of you have been great."

- Chantal Smock

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