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What's up with Motocross riders and cowboys?

Over the years we have helped hundreds of cowboys.  In fact we used to spend many weekends adjusting coowboys (and cowgirls) at Rodeos all over California.  Our job was to make sure that they could ride again tonight or tomorrow.  Tough crowd!  Pain was not important.  The ability to function at their best was top of their list.  Thats why they would get adjusted before they competed.  

Motocross riders seem to share this same philosophy.  They love what they do. In Andy's case, he felt like it was either going to be motocross or work.  Every weekend he would ride like crazy, and then he would suffer all week.  

It seems like every day we help motor cross riders or motor cycle riders who have been in an accident. Motor cross is as damaging as bull riding on the human spine.  For this reason the top professionals in both bull riding and motor cross are under chiropractic care

Over the years we have helped hundreds of Cowboys and Motocross riders.  Not surprisingly many parents bring their young riders in for regular care to minimize long term spinal issues.  We also help a lot of retired riders stay out of pain.

The technology and diagnostic process we follow is actually very similar to the protocols we use for car accident patients.  Often we are dealing with whiplash, herniated discs in the back or neck or ligamentous damage.

Here is Andy's Story:
My name is Andy and I love riding motor cross. I’m a motor cross fanatic!

Like most motor cross riders my back started to hurt.  The pain got so bad after I was done riding I couldn’t even go to work.  Then the choice became work or ride my motorcycle.

For a while I was riding my motorcycle but then I had to go to work.  I pretty much gave up my motor cross because the pain in my back got so bad.  The pain got so bad I couldn’t sit for very long, lift anything heavy I couldn’t even bend over to tie my own shoes.

Then my grandpa who had some messed up discs in his back came to my rescue. He took me to Dr. Frye’s office and I tell you what, they fixed me up!

I’m back to riding motor cross on the weekends and going to work during the week!  Best of all my back is pain free.

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