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Car Crash Causes Severe Pain

Have you been involved in a car crash, recently or in the past? Did the accident cause severe pain?
We have many patients who come into our office looking for relief from pain caused by accidents. 
Your neck can hurt, you back can hurt, you can have tingling in the arm or fingers, it can hurt to move your arms or head. All of those can be caused by an accident. 

Bernie came to us after he was involved in a bad car crash. Here is his story:
"Hi my name is Bernie Longjohn. I was in a really bad automobile accident a short time ago. After the accident I was really sore they tell me I have a concussion, my shoulders sore, I can’t move my left arm at all and I got some serious problems. Between the headaches and the back pain and my shoulder aching, my lower back was killing me

My wife said 'you need to get a hold of the doctor' and I said you know I’m going to call Dr. Suzanne Frye. Went into Dr. Frye’s and got a thorough workup.

The adjustments I got even the first couple of days the pain started to subside. Within a week or so most of my pain was gone and I’m able to go back to pretty much normal life.”

If you have been in a bad car crash, or know someone who was, schedule a consultation so we can help you be free of your pain. 

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