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10/27/2015 -
How do you Respond when He Can't Get It Up?
    Let’s face it there can be problems in the bedroom and when they happen they are not sexy or fun, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Having a partner who has trouble either getting it up...  Read Full Article

10/26/2015 -
"Healthy People Who Were Vaccinated for the Flu Continue To Die"
  "Healthy People Who Were Vaccinated for the Flu Continue to Die" This is the heading from a Health Impact news article published on October 26, 2015. More deaths among healthy people are reported all ...  Read Full Article

10/26/2015 -
7 Healing Essential Oils for Anxiety
   Essential oils have been around for centuries, dating back as far back as Biblical days when Jesus was anointed with frankincense and myrrh upon his birth. They have been utilized since ancient China, Egypt, I...  Read Full Article

10/26/2015 -
Eat a Banana with Black Spots and "This" Happens to Your Body...
Have you ever wondered if overripe bananas have different health benefits for you? I have heard different things on this topic varying from the thought that they are worse for you because of them having more sugar, to the...  Read Full Article

10/15/2015 -
The No-Diet, Diet
    The term diet is really about the food choices you make on an everyday basis, not a short term change to your eating habits. You don’t have to worry about indulgences because it is your food choices on a...  Read Full Article

10/15/2015 -
Back and Neck Pain From Accidents of Long Ago
  Why does my neck and back still hurt after an accident several years ago?   While whiplash may only seem like a simple sprain injury to the neck or back, it can very often cause permanent injury to th...  Read Full Article

10/15/2015 -
Can Children get Whiplash Injuries?
   Can Children get Whiplash Injuries? Yes, and unfortunately a child’s injuries are often over looked when they are not life threatening. Because the human spine is not fully developed until the mid-twe...  Read Full Article

10/15/2015 -
10 Things Women Do That Men Probably Don't Know About
  1.       Wear the same bra for…an undetermined amount, yet very long time. Unless it smells.   2.      Getting naked and contorting our bodies in the mirror i...  Read Full Article

10/13/2015 -
Ouch! My Back Hurts!
  Among people seeking back pain relief alternatives, most choose Chiropractic treatment. About 22 million Americans visit Chiropractors annually. Of these, 7.7 million, or 35%, are seeking relief from back pain...  Read Full Article

10/13/2015 -
Chiropractic Offers Alternative to Ritalin
    “Hyperactivity is the most common justification for drugging children.” We have all probably encountered a child that could not keep still and was hard to control. This type of child is not a new...  Read Full Article


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