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07/19/2013 -
Palmdale Residents Treat Whiplash Through Chiropractic Care
When people think of whiplash most of the time, they immediately think of a “car accident.” However, did you know that car accidents aren't the only causes of whiplash? In fact, whiplash can even be caused by a...  Read Full Article

07/14/2013 -
Frye Chiropractic Patients Benefit from a Balanced Lifestyle
In today's society, finding balance in our daily lives can be a challenge, even for the most organized individuals. This is especially true when we are experiencing pain. Often times, our normal balance is tipped to an un...  Read Full Article

06/13/2013 -
Sciatica June Workshop
Join us this month for our Sciatica workshop and learn more about the condition and how chiropractic treatments can help relieve symptoms. What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a pinched nerve in the lower back that causes pain, ...  Read Full Article

05/17/2013 -
Chiropractic and Multiple Sclerosis
Brittney Dunn, a champion of "Turning Lemons into Lemonade, with Many Different Flavors", talks about her experience with chiropractic treatment and how it has helped her with symptoms related to her Multiple...  Read Full Article

05/17/2013 -
Montel Williams Upper Cervical Chiropractic Testimonial
Chiropractic care for multiple sclerosis? Montel Williams recently gave a testimonial for a specific upper cervical chiropractic technique during his Montel show, which aired on the Fox network. The following is transcr...  Read Full Article

04/26/2013 -
California Ranks Near Bottom in Kids’ Health Care
California ranks 44th of all the states in a recent study about children’s health care. The study found California especially inadequate in delivering affordable health care to children.  But the real story is t...  Read Full Article

04/26/2013 -
Which is Better? A Big Copay or Big Deductible?
The answer is different for everyone. You must consider both your overall health and your ability to pay for the whole deductible or the copay for each visit. Many people in the Antelope valley are covered by the two majo...  Read Full Article

04/26/2013 -
Get Maximized, Not SuperSized
Have you already quit your New Year’s Resolution for optimum health?! Don’t give up now!  It’s time to: Take control of your health and your life Begin to prevent & reverse sickne...  Read Full Article

10/15/2012 -
Flu Shots
Every fall and winter we get asked by patients if they should get a flu shot.    With any medical treatment, such as a flu shot vaccine, the risks and benefits always need to be considered, and you should a...  Read Full Article

02/29/2012 -
FDA Warning on Statin usage
The FDA announced this week new warnings on Statin Drugs. Statin drugs are frequently used by medical doctors to attempt to lower cholesterol levels. This drug process is often thought of by nutrition experts as a cash c...  Read Full Article


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