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Back and Shoulder Pain

We have many patients who come into our office looking for relief from back or shoulder pain. Back and shoulder pain can be sudden or gradual, either way the pain can put you in tears. 
When someone comes in and they have not had a recent injury, we talk about the past to determine what could be the cause. Back and shoulder pain can be caused by:
  • Car accident
  • Falls
  • Sports injury
Remember that car accident you were involved in and you thought you weren't hurt? Maybe you were a little sore the next day. Your body will keep in you in balance until you do something small, like picking up your child, or even reaching into the back seat, to aggrivate that area. The next thing you know, you have pain in your back or shoulder. 

If you or someone you know has back or shoulder pain, schedule a consulation to learn where the pain is coming from. 

“Hi this is Barry K. some of you know me from my involvement with local radio but, most of you know me as the guy who wrote and sang the Jet Hawks theme song. On one recent Sunday I was playing with my kid and felt something go out in my back and shoulder. The next day I could hardly move so I called Dr. Suzanne Frye her staff got me in for a chiropractic appointment that same day. Dr. Frye gave me instant relief in my shoulder and made my back feel much better too. I didn’t even have to take any pain killers. Thanks Dr. Frye!” “You’re welcome Barry. “Hi I’m Dr. Suzanne Frye chiropractic is such a wonderful way to take care of back pain, neck pain and headaches. Its safe effective and it feels good. As a matter of fact chiropractic is so safe its recommended by the federal government and as Barry discovered you can injure yourself in many normal day to day activities sometimes it can be something as simple as sleeping wrong. So why live with pain? You don’t have to suffer. My name is Dr. Suzanne Frye, I’m gentle and I care.”

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