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Auto Accident Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from patients who came to us for treatment after being involved in an auto accident.

Motorcycle Accident

"I was in a motorcycle accident. I injured my right hand, bruised my shoulder and had major back pain. My hand was so bad; I couldn’t even turn the ignition of my car. One day a friend suggests Antelope Valley Spinal Care. Now I’m back the way I was before the accident. I can tie my shoes as usual, and even turn the ignition in my car. I was always afraid to try chiropractic. I had heard horror stories about chiropractic, but I had to try it since everything else failed.

Now I recommend chiropractic to all my family and friends.*"

David Bachand

Chiropractic Helps a Plumber

"I was injured in an auto accident in 1984 (12 years ago) and have had back pain since then. I had another accident in 2001 and further injured myself. I had back pain, neck pain and headaches. It hurt so bad that even getting out of bed was a chore. Forget about working in the plumbing profession.

Pain pills had become a way of life. HMO doctors had treated me and they just wanted to medicate me and send me on my way without any resolution. Two of my friends had been patients at Dr. Frye’s office. They advised me to try chiropractic care. Within 2 weeks of treatment the results were night and day. I was getting better daily.

This office staff and doctors actually care about getting you well, and I could not be happier about my decision to try chiropractic care.*"

Henry Miles

When Even Tequila Doesn’t Help

"I was hit in a car accident. My neck and back were in a lot of pain. It was hard to work, and I couldn’t use the computer because of the neck pain. I had to give up hockey, paintball, computer work, exercise and trips to L.A. My Doctor gave me pain pills, but when they didn’t work, I added tequila. Even that did not get rid of the pain. One day I heard about Dr. Frye on the radio. Within a short period of time my life was back to the way it was before the accident. Thanks!*"


Chiropractic Helps Grandmother

"I was in pain every day as the result of an auto accident. My back hurt, my neck hurt. The pain was so bad I could hardly walk. I couldn’t turn my head without sharp pain. I couldn’t clean house, go shopping or play with my grandchildren.

Thanks to the team at AV Spinal Care, I can walk without pain, turn my head without pain and most importantly I can play with my grandchildren again.*"


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